Irwinners do an array of activities and would like to share with you, our experiences, values and journey.

Browse the variety of things we do.  

Whether it is Janice's Karate/Fitness, Weininger's world or our Back Together Again Weekender events, take a look and experience what will be a "pick me up for 2021!"  We are exceptionally proud of our No.1 Ageless Teenagers community project, do enjoy!  

We are available for presentations on our BBC 2 TV debut of going back in time to the 1940's Windrush Generation and look out for the 30th anniversary of ITV Gladiators, watch this space!


2020 saw Romane off to sixth form, Shelasah to university, Tiana completed her degree with a 1st from Nottingham University and we await Breanne's production at the 2021 Endinburgh Fringe Festival with bated breath!

2020 has been a challenge but no matter what, we will do our best and stay positive.   

Janice Francis Irwin